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elcome to our Spooky Boutique, where we sell Spooky things for Spooky people.

We accept payment by Credit Card () using our secure shopping cart. We also accept payments through PayPal logo, Checks, and Money Order. Check out our  "How to Order"  page for more details.

Latest Updates

^v^  New Creepers  ^v^
Our New Low Down CreepsTM are available in many of the same styles as our Classic Creeper shoes, but feature a lower 1" creeper sole.

^v^  Goth Pointy Boots  ^v^
These pointy boots have been a staple of the music fashion scene in England from the Cavern Club in the 60's to the Batcave in the 80's. Now they're available at Spooky Boutique.

♥♥ New Sunglasses ♥♥

New sunglasses in a variety of styles including "Ladybug", "Lolita" & "Glamour Kitty".

^v^  New 1" Pins, Rings & More  ^v^
Weve just added a new batch of 1" Pins featuring the artwork of SPIDER of Spooky Boutique. These come in your choice of a Pin Back, a Magnet, or an adjustable ring.

^v^  Custom Hair Bows  ^v^
Introducing Little "Bow" CreepsTM by Spider. Now you can design your very own Spooky Hair Bow in a variety of colors and designs, most of them featuring exclusive artwork created by SPIDER of Spooky Boutique.

^v^  New Womens Shoes  ^v^
Check out our recently updated Womens Shoes section for new Pumps, & Girls Creepers.

^v^  Jewelry by Spider  ^v^
It's usually NOT a good idea to let monsters anywhere near your neck, but our little Creepies are just so cute, we hope you'll make an exception. Check out the new line of necklaces featuring the artwork of our very own Spider.

^v^  Sneaker Boots  ^v^
We've just expanded our Sneaker section to include these new high top shoes & boots. Many styles available including ones with studs, spikes, & buckle straps, all in a non-leather, canvas sneaker.

Don't be chilled to the bone this winter. Stay warm with our striped Skeleton Arm Warmers or new Fingerless gloves we've just added. See all of our selections HERE.

This Reversible Skull knit scarf is the perfect way to stay warm this winter and also helps to protect you from unwanted vampire bites.  :)  Check it out along with the new beanies we've added.

^v^  New Jewelry  ^v^
New Chokers & Necklaces have just been added to our Gothic Jewelry section. We're sure you'll think they're FANG-tastic.

Store Highlights

Listed below is just a highlight of the many unique & interesting items we carry at Spooky Boutique. Just click on the photo to be taken directly to the page where you will find the item, or use our navigation bar on the left hand side where our friendly spider Herbie will be glad to help you find just what you're looking for.

But don't worry,... he doesn't bite....      hard ;)

Steel Toe Boots
Gothic Jewelry
Womens Boots

Fishnet Shirts

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