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MANIC PANIC Hair Color is made with natural ingredients & herbal complex. It's available in two fabulous formulas (Gel or Cream), comes ready to use (no need to mix with peroxide), and is Not Tested on Animals. Some colors even glow under a black light (Wild Fire).

*Note: Works best on hair pre-lightened to a very light blonde. Some colors may give highlights to darker hair. Fades gradually with each shampoo.

Hair Color Chart
(Place the mouse over the color name to see Gothie's hair change to that color)

vampire red
shocking blue
fuschia shock
purple haze
hot hot pink
deadly nightshade
All images are Spider's Web/Spooky Boutique

Manic Panic Creams Item# MPC03; Manic Panic Cream Hair Color;

This famous formula is a cream base that has the added benefit of conditioning the hair. Packaged in a 4oz. tub. - $12.00

** SOLD OUT **

Manic Panic Gels Item# MPG06; Manic Panic Gel Hair Color;

A dense, thick liquid gel with intensified color pigment. The gels tend to be slightly deeper than the creams, resulting in maximum staying power. They are packaged in an easy-to-squeeze 4oz. bottle (great for streaking and color combining)- $12.00

** SOLD OUT **

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